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Hello there, family and friends!
Let's come together and spread the love.

Grant an ENTIRE Wish!
($8,500.00 +)
Send a wish family to Disney World!
($5,000.00 +)
Send a wish kid on a shopping spree!
($2,500.00 +)
Purchase a computer for a wish kid!
($1,000.00 +)
Pay for meals and treats on a special trip!
($500.00 +)
Pay for a limo... the ultimate VIP treatment for a wish kid!
($250.00 +)
Pay for a send off party for a wish family!
($100.00 +)
Pay for souvenirs on a wish trip!
($50.00 +)
Pay for cake and balloons at a send off party!
($25.00 +)

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I am committed to making a difference, and I am hopeful you'll step in alongside of me.

As you well know, I am passionately committed to bettering the lives of our children on both a professional and personal level on a daily basis. This compassionate drive has been since my earliest of days, and my commitment is a constant.
I first heard of this event in mid January, and I joined immediately. I am extremely eager for the 26 mile hike on the Pacific Crest Trail on May 20th, but I am truly excited to support our San Diego children by bringing happiness in their darkened world. I am hopeful you will assist me.
Each year Make-A-Wish grants approximately 200 wishes to children in the San Diego area. Each wish averages $10,000. How wonderful would it be if we could come together and grant the wish of one child? 82% of every dollar goes directly to children, so every dollar truly helps.
Your contribution is greatly appreciated and will bring utter joy to a child with a life-threatening medical condition! I love to make a difference, and your support means the world to me!
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